Target Group 2B | Modern Woman

Target Group 3A | Sophisticated Classic

Target Group 3B | Modern Classic Woman

Target Group 2C | Jeans Type

Do you know your target group?
Do you know how the group lives and what it buys?

Demand-oriented product and product-range orientationbased on qualitative and quantitative target-group research and the HML World of  Culture.

Active in target-group research since 1970

The multi-dimensional methodology developed by Dr. Leichum

Since 1970, we have been providing customers from all sectors of the lifestyle, textile, garment, accessories and shoe industries with regularly collected information on their respective target groups’ buying behaviors and lifestyles.

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Consultation based on market research

Turning market opportunities into success

In order to successfully tackle today’s markets, you need to know and consistently use the lifestyle and behavior patterns of consumers and brand and product users as well as their preferences.

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