About HML

We offer fashion-market-oriented market research and consultation.

  • HML-Modemarketing is the only market-research institute inGermany that – in regular surveys since 1979 – collects data on the German “fashion and lifestyle market” that is representative of up to 98%.
  • We specialize in market information to support your corporate strategy based on qualitative and quantitative target-group research.
  • Our portfolio is characterized by the unique combination of well-founded economic analyses of consumer behavior, developments of economic cycles, target-group-specific market analyses and the implementation of fashion trends in accordance with the seasons.
  • The foundation for our research is the “Dr. Leichum HML-Modemarketing Target-Group System©,” a concept developed in the 1970s based on scientific data as well as extensive psychological studies and quantitative preliminary examinations in cooperation with fashion experts.
  • Make use of our one-stop research, analyses and demand-oriented transfer to a single entrepreneurial market strategy. Now.