Basic market research

Our continuous, quarterly target-group research is characterized as follows:

Facts & Method

  • Oral “in-home” surveys (face-to-face).
  • We conduct four surveys per year (February, June, August and December).
  • We conduct 1800 “in-home” interviews in accordance with representative samples.
  • Personal samples are defined according to the quota- selection method.
  • 300 qualified interviewers have the interviewees show them their purchased merchandise and, if available, the receipts.
  • Personal interviews using a highly-structured questionnaire on purchases of and expenses for garments and shoes as well as on buying-relevant behavior.
  • We ask: What did you buy when, where and for what price? 
  • The consumers classify themselves into categories based on the questions of the psychological test.

Samples and Quota Concept

  • Disproportionate sample approach to extend the case figures in the segment of 30- to 49-year olds with disproportionate use in terms of market analyses and of households with a net income of more than 2500 euros.
  • The quotas are defined in accordance with the results of the surveys conducted by Institut for Demoskopie Allensbach.
  • Differentiation in accordance with the Dr. Leichum HML Target-Group System.
  • Extrapolation to the respective absolute numbers of population.
  • Methodical cooperation with the Special Research Department 504 of Mannheim University in Mannheim, Germany titled “Rationality Concepts, Decision Behavior and Economic Modeling.”