Target-group features

Collection of qualitative and quantitative features

Since 1980, we have been systematically collecting qualitative and quantitative features of garment consumers.

  • When was which garment bought at what price and in which store?
  • Which socio-demographic features apply to the consumer?
  • Why was the garment bought?
    • occasion
    • use
    • fashion style
Value System

(since 2009)
  • Which values characterize the target groups?

Features lifestyle and social behavior

Since 1993, we have been collecting an additional 102 features on consumers’ lifestyles and social behavior.

Leisure-time behavior: 15 features (clubs, sports, travel, garden, etc.)
Leisure-time activities: 3 to 10 features: movies, music, eating out, sports, TV, books, magazines, newspapers, social commitment
Buying behavior: buying preferences (6 features), buying-location preferences, shopping as a leisure-time activity, need for consultation, relevance of fashion/quality/price, buying reasons (12 features)
Media behavior: Internet, E-Commerce, etc.
Clothing style: garments for the job (8 features), garments for leisure time (10 features), garments for special occasions (6 features), clothing-style test: typification (8 types)
Wear habits What did you generally wear in the past month?
a) during the week, at the office
b) on weekends, in your leisure time
c) when going out
Brands degree of recognition and willingness to buy