Women's Outerwear

Dress festive dress (evening dress, cocktail dress) / knit dress / one-piece dress (top and skirt in one piece) / two-piece dress / jacket dress, dress with jacket
Coat parka (with hood, large pockets, ¾ length) / poplin/microfiber coat with winter lining, incl. removable lining / all other poplin/microfiber coats, e.g., no lining or artificial-silk lining / all other coats made of fabric or artificial leather (incl. short coat, swinger, duffle coat)
Suit, coordinate skirt or pants with a blouson and other light-weight, mostly sportive jackets/vests, purchased together / suit (skirt and jacket of the same material) / skirt with a vest / combination, ensemble, coordinate
Pants suit pants suit (pants and jacket of the same material) / jump suit
Outdoor jacket anorak / all-weather jacket (mostly made of impregnated material) / blouson (band in the waist, shortly below the waist) / other long jackets for leisure (incl. jacket without sleeves, cape)
Skirt festive skirt (long or short) / pant skirt / miniskirt (six inches above the knee or shorter) / skirt that does not cover the knee (longer than miniskirt) / very long (ankle-length, longer than calf-length) / all other skirts, e.g., calf-length, knee-length)
Trousers normal long trousers
Blue Jeans blue jeans (only in blue jeans material)
Casual pants other jeans, pants in jeans style (e.g., corduroy pants in jeans style) / stirrup pants / long pants for leisure (e.g., corduroy pants, overalls, cotton pants)
Short pants bermudas / biker shorts, velo shorts / short pants, e.g., shorts / knickerbockers, knickers, knee pants, fisher pants/td>
Blouse festive blouse / blouse with long sleeves (incl. men’s shirt) / blouse with short sleeves or sleeveless (incl. men’s shirt)
Knitwear sweater with long sleeves (V-neck, O-neck, turtleneck) / sweater with short sleeves, slip-over / knitted vest without sleeves/with short sleeves / knitted jacket, knitted vest with long sleeves, incl. long shapes / twinset
Sweatshirt sweatshirt, velour / sweat jacket, jacket for track suits
T-Shirt, polo T-shirt, long shirt, pullunder / tank top, stretch top / corsage, bodysuit, catsuit / polo shirt