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3D Target-Group System

The Target-Group Die systemizes all the target groups in accordance with a multi-dimensional scheme that has been tried and tested for many years. In the course of your individual consultation, we define the most promising target group based on your corporate targets and potential.


1st dimension: fashion degree

Segment Fashion style Description
Segment 1 trendy trendsetter, highly fashionable, mostly 14 to 29 years old, lifestyle-oriented, per-capita expenses are slightly under-average
Segment 2 modern modern woman/man, fashionable, mainly middle-aged (30-50 years old), lifestyle-oriented, per-capita expenses are above-average
Segment 3 classic-conservative classic woman/man, reserved when it comes to fashion, mainly above 50 years of age, quality-oriented, per-capita expenses are slightly under-average
Segment 4 no style price-oriented woman/man, not interested in fashion, all age groups, per-capita expenses are well under-average

2nd dimension: level of demand

Segment A Higher market high fashion culture with the respective demand on style and quality, per-capita expenses are well above-average, high price acceptance
Segment B Middle market middle-class fashion culture, medium genre, average per-capita expenses, looks for good price-performance ratio, has always had more wishes than money
Segment C Price market simple fashion culture, buys single pieces, price is more important than quality, per-capita expenses are demonstrable under-average

3rd dimension

In the 3rd dimension, further qualitative and quantitative features can be analyzed, e.g., distribution channels, purposes for use, sizes of clothes, demographic features, etc.